Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mccain Library Special Collection

    Last week our class visited the Mccain Library.  In my 3 years of being at this University I have always wondered what was  in that big building in the front of campus.  Honestly, i wasn't sure if students even frequented that library.  Our class was told only to bring paper and pencil to the library. why? Because the library is full of one of a kind pieces of literature.  They have everything from Little Red Riding Hood  to Govenor Bilbo's old letters and files.
   Before visiting the collection I had no idea how many different  versions of Little Red Riding Hood existed.  There was around 6 to 8 different versions of the book on display.  The collection also contained art work.  There were a few original illustrations on display in the library.  i was expecting some old and boring collection of books, but the collection had some really interesting pieces of work.  They also had furniture and other decorations from way back in the day.  The presentation made me realize how diverse and how wide spread Southern Miss' network is.  Alot of the pieces in the collection were donated by alumni or have some historical tie to the University.USM special collections